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  1. 2006/07/12 inureyes Complex networks with broadcasted nodes 4

포스터 발표.

머릿속 빙산의 일각을 대충 찍어 보여주는 일임에도 힘들다. :)
언제쯤 빙산을 다 얼려 타이타닉에 찍어버릴 수 있으려나.

Complex networks with broadcasted nodes
Jeongkyu Shin, Eunjin Hwang, and Seunghwan Kim

Recent studies on the complex networks are based on the assumption that the linker has all information about the entire network for wiring. In order to deal with this information locality problem , we propose a model with broadcasted nodes which uses only a fraction of global information together with local information. Numerical simulations with our broadcasted node model in 1-dimension shows the transition between exponential and scale-free networks as the threshold for broadcasting is varied.

- Keywords: network,sturcture,transition
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